Type Certificate Data Sheets

These are the actual TC Data sheets from the FAA.

Possible Mistake in TCDS

Today, March 14, 2000, we just noticed what appears to be a mistake in the above page under Note 6.  We are working this out with the FAA, but it appears that all the X's should be slid over one column to the right.  Notice that there are no prop/governor combinations designated for the 200D and that No. 7 is listed for the 200.  According to our records, there is only one 200 in existence and it's prop was covered in Note No.1 on page 6.  It therefore appears that there should be no listing for the straight 200 on this page and everything should slide to the right.  We'll keep you posted, but this should be corrected with a Revised TCDS in the very near future.  To see the proposed Revision to Page 8, Click Here.

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