Meyers Aircraft Company announces the start of the 200D Paint Scheme Design Contest!


The selected winner will receive $4,000 and an all expenses paid trip to the R&D Facility in Bulverde, Texas.


1.    Download the side view drawing.  It is a bitmap file which can be imported into most any paint or photo program.

2.    Create your paint scheme.  Multiple entries are permitted.

3.    Send your completed design to .

4.    Sometime in May - June, 2000, six preliminary finalists will be notified by email and provided with front and top view bitmaps to complete their design.

5.    At least one design will be selected for the 200D, possible several.  This is at the option of Management.

6.    The Winner(s) will be provided with a Company Check mid to late Summer, 2000.

Select the Bitmap Side View and Save As or Click Here to Download the file.


Several design samples for fun.


Good Luck and may the best design WIN!!

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Paul M. Whetstone, President


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