Tooling Reconditioning

Here are pictures of just some of the tooling.  We are proofing it and have actually made some conforming parts.  The tooling has been inspected by industry experts and is said to be in very good condition.

This shows how much steel there is in the basic structure.  The center section is supported at the wing attach points and the cabin section is bolted to it.  The engine mount is then bolted to the front of the cabin section.  Lots of 4130 steel for protection, yet due to the excellent design, there is still about 40 pounds more useful load than a V35 Bonanza at the gross weight of 3300 pounds.  Some of the final assembly tooling is in the background.

Here is the final cabin section assembly jig.  It is designed to rotate for ease of assembly.  We are doing some R&D on this cabin section.

This is the center section jig with a master part for checking.

This jig positions the 4130 tubing for the front spar portion of the center section.

This jig is for the rear spar portion of the center section.

This is the outer wing main spar final assembly jig.

This is one of the wing jigs with a spar in place and the leading edge rib positioners installed.

This is the horizontal spar assembly jig.

The rudder jig is in the foreground and the horizontal stabilizer final assembly jig is behind it.

Here is the starboard flap assembly jig with the flap spar installed and the trailing edge skin in position.

From top to bottom we have an aileron leading edge assembly jig, the vertical stabilizer sparjig and the rudder spar jig.

Here is the vertical stabilizer final assembly jig with a vertical undergoing repair.  We have actually made conforming parts from this as well as the rudder jig.

Some of the many rows of small tooling including the wing rib hydroform blocks in the red boxes at the top.

More small jigs and fixtures.

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Paul M. Whetstone, President


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