N2962T 1966 200D SN335

Recently, we were involved in the acquisition of N2962T, a 1966 Aero Commander built Meyers 200D.  Below are some pictures of some initial maintenance and repair needed to get the aircraft airworthy.  The maintenance was minor and the aircraft is presently flying.  We'll keep you posted on our testing and other activities with 2962T.

Here is 2962T at home in Bulverde on jacks under maintenance.  Interesting to note is that the aircraft has been leveled and you are seeing the actual flight attitude.  The tail raises over three feet from its ground position during level flight.
A shot from the rear of the aircraft
Looking at the right side of the aircraft.  This shows maybe 1/4 of the size of the Bulverde facility.
A front view showing the prop removed and the baffling.
This view shows the prop governor and the exhaust and intake system removed.  A slight oil leak was fixed by tightening the two crankcase through bolts shown and several cylinder base nuts to the proper torque specifications. 
Side view showing the induction system removed and the exhaust system being supported while we torque the studs.  There should be plenty of room for a tuned exhaust system.
Closer view of the left firewall showing the hydraulic reservoir, gear selector valve, alternator regulator, parking brake, hydraulic plumbing, rudder actuating push-pull tubes going to the rudder bellcrank, cabin heat valve and lower engine mount.
A closer view of the left side showing the air box, throttle valve, alternator, fuel pump, and induction system.
This is a right side view showing the remote mounted oil filter assembly with chip detector, battery box, auxiliary starting plug, cabin heat system and lower engine mount.
This is a closer right side view showing the starter, vacuum pump, induction system, battery box and relays and cabin heat system.

Stay tuned for more developments!!

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