Paul Whetstone Personal Credentials

      Personal Accomplishments and Organizations

                                                               i.      Member The American Mensa Society

                                                             ii.      Member The Top One Percent Society, 250 - 300 total members worldwide

                                                            iii.      BS in Microbiology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 1974

                                                           iv.      FAA Pilots License 1979, now with Commercial, Multi and Instrument Ratings

                                                             v.      FAA Airframe & Powerplant License, 1983

                                                           vi.      FAA Designated Written Test Examiner, 1983.  One of only two in San Antonio.

                                                          vii.      FAA Licensed Repairman, 1982.  Licensed for Avionics, Instruments and Specialized Services

                                                        viii.      13th largest King/Bendix Dealer in the World, 1986.  King/Bendix was the largest avionics manufacturer at that time, I believe they still are.

                                                           ix.      Meet Paul Whetstone, an article written about me and my aviation accomplishments that appeared in the national publication, Aircraft Electronics Association News written by Keith Connes around 1986.

                                                             x.      Nominated by Arthur Anderson for the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in the US, 1986.

                                                           xi.      First Place, State of Ohio, General Science, First in Chemistry, First in Biology, Second in Math in 1968.

                                                          xii.      IBM Transportation Industry award for being the first (and maybe still only) end user ever to go live on the IBM world-wide Satellite broadcast network from the JC Penney Broadcast Studios in New York to discuss enhancements made to software to allow IBM to sell more hardware, 1986.  A video is available.

                                                        xiii.      Licensed US Coast Guard Captain, 200 ton Master with Auxiliary Sail Endorsement, 1989.

                                                        xiv.      National Aircraft Appraiser's Association Certified Aircraft Appraiser, 1999.  The only one in San Antonio and the only one between here and the border.  The NAAA is the only association certified by the US Government and Bank of America to appraise aircraft.

                            xv.    International Council for Machinery Lubrication certified Tribologist, MILT -1-000431, specializing in fleet lubrication, fleet filtration and fuel catalysts for heavy engine use.

                            xvi.    Co-Inventor of four patents covering an Apparatus and method for Controlling the Filling and Emptying of a Fluid Container US Patent No 7,556,064 B2 and subsequent.


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Paul M. Whetstone, President


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