Interceptor I400M

Model Specifications

    3.1.4  Areas.  The following descriptive information is not to be used for inspection purposes.

  Wing area, total, including ailerons, flaps and fuselage projections 160.0 sq ft
  Wing flap area, total 22.4 sq ft
  Aileron area 10.8 sq ft
Horizontal Tail Surface    
  Horizontal tail area, total 38.0 sq ft
  Elevator, aft of hinge line 12.96 sq ft
Vertical Tail Surface Vertical tail area, total 20.4 sq ft
  Rudder, aft of hinge line, including tab area 10.3 sq ft


3.1.5  Dimensions and General Data.  The following dimensions and data are for descriptive         purposes and not to be used for inspection.

  Span, maximum 30.5 ft
  At root 85.0 in
  At tip 40.0 in
  Mean aerodynamic chord 65.55 in
  Airfoil section designation and thickness (percent chord)  

    At root

NACA 23015
      At Sta 62.0 NACA 23012
      At tip NACA 4412
      At root 3.0 deg
      At Sta 62.0 3.0 deg
      At tip -2.0 deg

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