Interceptor I400M


Trainer/Utility/Forward Air Controller/Counter Insurgency Aircraft

Meyers Aircraft Company has been requested to publish data on the already developed T/U/FAC/COIN aircraft as described in the attached specification. The Interceptor 400-M is a military version of the Interceptor 400 which is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Interceptor 400 is a 4-seat, pressurized, low wing, all metal single engine aircraft powered by a Garrett AiResearch TPE 331-6 turboprop engine which produces 840 thermodynamic shaft horsepower and which, in the civilian installation, is flat rated to 400 prop shaft horsepower. The Interceptor 400 offers full rated power for takeoff and climb regardless of temperature or field elevation.

The Interceptor 400-M features an increased gross weight plus the provision for external armament. The Interceptor 400-M is capable of performing the following missions without modification other than seat removal.

TRAINING: The Interceptor 400-M is an ideal "day one" trainer, since it is easy to fly, acquaints the student pilot with turbine characteristics from the beginning of the flight training program, yet has performance capability sufficient to "fine screen" pilot candidates to minimize attrition in later stages of flight training.

UTILITY: As a Utility aircraft the Interceptor 400-M provides high speed over the weather, transportation in a pressurized, air conditioned cabin for a pilot plus three passengers. Relatively short take-off characteristics plus a reversible-propeller permits the Interceptor 400-M to operate out of air strips heretofore limited to full "STOL" aircraft or helicopters.

RECONNAISSANCE: As a forward air controller or armed reconnaissance aircraft the Interceptor 400-M is capable of loitering over a target area for up to three hours with over 1200 lbs. of ordnance. The speed envelope of the Interceptor 400-M is such as to facilitate terrain inspection, yet provide relatively high speed ordnance delivery and withdrawal from a target area.

COUNTER INSURGENCY: In a counter insurgency role the Interceptor 400-M will deliver over 1600 lbs. of externally mounted ordnance from a runway 1250' in length.

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