Dimensional   Performance  


Max Speed 208 kts
Length Overall 24'4" Cruise Speed 200 kts
Height Overall 7'4" Rate of Climb S/L 1,350 fpm
Wheel Track 8'9" Service Ceiling 18,500 ft
Wheelbase 6'11" Take-off to 50 ft 1,250 ft
Cabin Door:   Landing Over 50 ft 1,250 ft


3'1" Range (100 gal - 45 min reserve) 1,200 mi


3'2" Stall Speed - clean 62 kts
Cabin   Stall Speed - gear down  



20 flaps

55 kts



40 flaps

52 kts
Length from firewall 9'4"    
Gross Weight - lbs 3,300

Powerplant & Accessories

Empty Weight - lbs 1,940    
Useful Load - lbs 1,360 Continental IO-550, fuel injected, 6 cyl, 300 hp  
Max Wing Loading lbs/ft 20.43 McCauley 80" dia 3 blade propeller  
Max Power Loading lbs/hp 11.0 Woodward Prop Governor  
Wing Area - sq ft 161.5 . . .    

To see the Type Certificate Data Sheets for the Continental IO-550 engine in pdf format, Click Here.

Some of the above specifications may change pending final configuration and depending on the final gross weight increase attained.

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